Saturday, June 16, 2007

Can I Claim Parallel Development?

No Star Trek bans here.

In all too many episodes of Star Trek the crew encounters (at least according to the geeky character's pronunciation of the odds of such a thing happening) the parallel development of one alien society to an Earth society of some sort or another. Whether it be Roman society, Chicago gangland or Nazi society (admittedly these two were caused by contamination), Chinese vs. USA society or whatever, it happened from time to time.

So too here at Blogger Beer do we witness a similar event. I came up with the phrase The People's Democratic Republic of Madistan tonight to refer to Madison WI USA. I thought I had something original as I had never read it before. However, when googling Madistan I see it is not an original phrase, or at least I am not the first one to use it. However, I claim I developed it in parallel to the other blogs!