Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Them Buggers!

Fortunately, I am learning a lot because of it.

I put together a website for my mother's business. I whipped up a quick online order entry form that was run by a mail script. Unfortunately, a spammer has an IP near the domain of the website and some spam blocker has just put the whole range on their list. Unfortunately, my mother's ISP uses that blacklist and e-mail to her ISP, the spam block service, and my host provider have yielded very little that is helpful. My host service is wonderful when everything is working but when you need service forget it.

So this has motivated me to create a "real" order entry system. I am learning quite a bit and am pushing very hard the bounds of my knowledge in the language I am writing it in. Sometimes it all jams up and I can spend hours and not make any progress and other times the progress flows like oil.