Saturday, June 02, 2007


Hilarry Rodham Clinton can not spell, and she expects to be able to run a government that does everything for us from wiping our bums to fighting our international enemies? Come on.

Joke is over. Typically, I let the above snafus go because that is what they in truth are. An oversight of a minor detail and HRC can not be expected to go over every fine detail of everything her organization does in her name. However, HRC and her primary opponents are running on the premise the government is responsible for everything from making sure our bums are clean (an exaggeration to be sure) to fighting our international enemies (well, unfortunately, for the Democrats it is more like putting their hands over their ears, closing their eyes, and yelling la-la-la-la-la). So, if HRC's organization (which is minute in comparison to the government) can not get the spelling of tomorrow correct, why do we expect she can deliver on all of her nanny-state micro-governing proposals?

As I said I typically let such snafus go, but my thoughts on payback and tit-for-tat have undergone some evolution of late. The left and Democrats pounced on Dan Quayle for his misspelling of potato so I return the favor and pounce on Hilarry. Remember, it was the Democrats & leftists who blame W for everything single solitary thing that goes wrong with any effort the US Government undertakes, Hilarry had better stand up and take responsibility for that misspelling and I even suggest she resign from the race.

I give a tip of the hat to Michelle Malkin for the photograph.

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