Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Public Broadcasting

The radio station I listen to over the internet WCPE reports they could be in a real bind real soon. Some regulatory snafu is going to go into effect and they will be zapped royalty fees comparable to a commercial radio station, even though they are listener supported and not in it for a profit. I do not believe this endangers their over the air broadcasts just the webcasting.

I am conflicted over this. One the one hand I do not want the music to stop and feel they have a legitimate point about the nature of their enterprise should be given consideration. If I do not hear new music & musicians then what happens to concert ticket sales? However, the record companies and all involved with the production of recorded music do have legitimate concerns as well.

Should internet broadcasting be treated differently than over the air broadcasting? Quite clearly with pro sports it is. I can listen to the Packers on WTMJ on my radio but not over the Internet.