Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Speculative Postage Stamp Market!

From the Economic Wire of the Unbelievable News Service:
5/24/2007 - Appleton Wisconsin.

In an interesting play two independent financial advisors - Hank Bruptsy and Shay D. Idee are teaming up to speculate on – the new forever postage stamp. Hank Bruptsy chief partner says I have a great play in mind. "It's obvious! We buy the stamps in large volumes at forty-one cents each and then the next time the USPS raises their rates we split the difference with consumers. Say the rates go to forty-five cents per stamp, simple we sell our supply of stamps for forty-four cents each and pocket three cents per stamp and save the consumer one cent per stamp. It is a win-win situation for us and the consumer! Our next project is to sell postage stamp options. We are coming up with this super plan to sell postage stamp puts!"

When asked to comment on this plan P. Ost the regional USPS manager said: "They had better not be doing that. Pretty soon, speculation like that will drive the price of stamps just like happens with gasoline!".

Financial Analyst Norm E. Conomic from the Chicago financial consultancy firm of High Finance Me, observes "This is a great idea, I think the USPS and the US Government may step in and wreck what is a mutually beneficial service to both buyer and seller. Oh well, that is what the government seems to relish the most. What I want to see is how they plan to sell put stamp options."