Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jim Morrison Redux

Jim Morrison formerly of The Doors (and formerly of this life) was once accused of exposing his,...uh....., well I don't think I have to elaborate anymore. He was not immediately arrested but the concert was shut down and it was only sometime later concert attendees and the authorities complained & pressed charges. From the reading I have done on this (yes I have read up on Jim Morrison, his biography and not specifically about this the book I read was No One Here Gets Out Alive) there was just witness recall and nothing really documentary. In the end Mr. Morrison was convicted of the charge & paid no real penalty (at least none a pop star near his zenith could not pay his way out of) was paid for it.

We have a similar incident in Scotland. Again, a performer produces a long round object on stage. However, instead of being attached to the performer's anatomy this object is...

Before I continue I warn you. Please, sit down, make sure no children are in eyesight, close your doors, do not read further at work or in a bar in Appleton.

The object the singer may be prosecuted for showing on stage is a,...., a...., CIGARETTE!