Friday, June 22, 2007

My First For Real 911 Call!

I want to say E911 but I do not know if Outagamie County is on old 911 or E911. Anyway.

The Empress and myself were driving back from the East side of town after visiting a buddy and a former patient the Empress took care of. We were heading West and as we were crossing the College Avenue bridge over the Fox River we noticed a young man mostly on the walkway partially on the road with his bike on the road. We could see he was convulsing. Well the cars around us pulled over and people rushed out to help the young man.

The Empress and I stayed in our car but I got out my untrusty cell phone and dialed 9-1-1 (remember, if you live overseas it is mostly likely 999). After a couple of rings a dispatcher answered and I detailed we were on the College Ave. bridge (over the Fox River) and a young man was on the side of the road having a seizure. The dispatcher than noted to me they were getting a number of calls on it and she cut me loose.

Well, we were nothing but a crowd at that point and proceeded on our way. Fortunately, the young man's seizure had subsided by the time we put our car back in forward and by the time we made it off of the bridge a squad car was on the way and shortly after the rescue squad was going by us (use a smalller vehicle!).

I had a cousin who experience a seizure out of the blue. He had a benign tumor in his brain and fortunately, it was operable and got it out. I refrain from a smart @$$ comment.

I hope the young man will be okay and they discover no life-threatening underlying conditions.