Saturday, June 23, 2007

More Comman than CO2 Emissions

Harry Reid lectures us and the auto industry on fuel efficiency but the tool tools about in a Chevy Suburban. Michelle Malkin has photos and Henry Payne at the Detroit News blisters Mr. Reid for this:
Yet a call to the senator's office finds that he tools around DC in a Chevy Suburban, GM's biggest SUV weighing in at 5800 pounds and guzzling 15 mpg. A press spokesman is quick to point out that Reid is required by Capitol police to use the vehicle for security (he has another back home in Nevada).

Fair enough. But thousands of Americans also buy Chevy Suburbans for personal convenience (large families, cargo needs, a boat towing, etc.). Yet, under the senator's restrictive fuel mandate, consumers could well lose the choice of vehicles like the Suburban.
Source: Detroit News – Harry Reid's Chevy Suburban and mpg mandates (Henry Payne)
That is, Harry Reid needs the Suburban and us peons do not. Like AlGae's energy devouring mansion.

I see lots of dumb and stupid items every day. I almost go crazy when I see rotating hubcaps and had I the power I would be very tempted to decree them as banned, but I do not have the power nor would it be right. In fact, the thought always ends that way – that it would be wrong.

Yet another example of the arrogance of those in positions of political power. Harry Reid and the rest in Congress deserve their unpopularity.