Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who Do They CAIR About?

Ah, the Flying Imam story marches on.

The latest development according to Michelle Malkin is:
Andy McCarthy and Audrey Hudson report that Democrats are attempting to water down the “John Doe” amendment–the legislation sponsored by Rep. Peter King that would protect citizen whistleblowers who act to protect our national security and who are threatened by lawsuits from CAIR and their grievance-mongering ilk. Time is short. You need to make your voice heard in Congress now.
Source: Michelle Malkin – Don’t let the Dems kill the John Doe amendment
Prior to 9/11 those wanting to hijack airplanes relied on the standard line of obey the hijackers and no one gets hurt. After 9/11 hijackers could no longer rely on acquiescent airline passengers due to the the spirit of Let's Roll!. Now we have the Democrats and CAIR trying to roll back the spirt of Let's Roll. Hijacker's eyes are smiling.

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