Monday, September 17, 2007

Syrian Nukes?

The speculation on the Israeli hit against Syria continues. Former Spook gathers together some of the latest information on the hit. The most interesting things Former Spook discusses is the distinct possibility of Turkish cooperation with – Israel. Former Spook says there are solid military ties between Turkey and Israel. Interesting and at least without further thought very counter-intuitive.

Wretchard zeros in on the photograph above and from that photo is where I obtained the information to obtain the above one myself. The first image above is the original from Google Earth and the second one is the image with the brightness and contrast both cranked up (via GIMP). I have never had any training in the analysis of such photos but one thing stands out both photos and that is the orange areas to the center east side of the compound. While visible in both photos there appear to be gray tendrils to the southeast. Fire? I do not know I wonder if there any satellite imagery analysts who from time to time Read Blogger Beer? Wretchard's photo shows a similar feature but his photo is from a slightly different angle.

I am attempting to find blow fires I know exist in the UAE and see how fire looks from a satellite image. However, don't expect that to be timely.