Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Badgers Are On The TV

While it is tied at 0-0 it is still very early in the game and OSU is moving down the field.

Dave Hanson (D-Green Bay) state senator has come up with a hair-brained idea. That is, force the cable companies and the Big Ten network into arbitration over their disputes. DirecTV and Dish Network have had no problem with the deal and is yet another reason I detest cable.

No, I have little problem with rain fade, it happens but it is rare.

Anyway, the government has little business poking its nose into this. Yes, the cable industry is already heavily regulated so why not stick the nose a little further into the tent? Government's nose under the tent is no reason to invite more of that animal in. If you want the government to coerce (remember who has the license to coerce others) these two entities to make a deal over this then do not whine when the guys with the guns ask to do something you do not want to do or regulate you to exhaustion.

It sucks for those of you with cable. However, we are guaranteed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and not life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the Badger game. If watching the Badger game makes you happy then pursue it (at a bar, at a friends house, drop cable get satellite TV, etc) but if you come up short try again and try harder or quit trying.

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