Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hey Rosco, Use Your Emergency Lights!

This is directed to the Roscoe P. Coletrane dufus deputy sheriff (yeah, I know Rosco P. Coletrane was a sheriff and not a deputy sheriff) who dispatched a deer on HWY 10 near Grimms Wisconsin on Monday November 5, 2007 (about 4:45 pm).

I thought Rosco P. Coletrane was from Manitowoc County but Manitowoc County's shift commander stated Rosco P. Coletrane was from another jurisdiction and was transporting (I am guessing Rosco was returning from the transport) a prisoner. Rosco called in for permission to dispatch the deer. The shift commander I spoke with stated he did not know what county Rosco was from and I could sense he did not want to bother with looking up those details.

Anyway. Here is why I am upset. We were driving east and it was dark and near and we were just before Grimms we saw vehicles on the side of the road and getting onto the shoulder and moving on. So obviously something was up, we slowed got off to the side (did not yet know why) and then we saw the deer and continued to edge over to pass the deer and move on. Then I heard a shout: What part of stop do you not understand? Just before that the Empress and I noted the dark silhouette of Rosco in the road (west bound lane) and so I complied with Rosco's obvious desire for us to stop. Rosco then pumped two shots into the deer, put his gun away, came back, kicked it a few times and then went back for his gun. Rosco then did it correctly by shooting one round into the deer's head and then Rosco pulled the deer from the road. Once the road was cleared we and others proceeded on our way.

Hey Rosco, why did you not turn on your emergency lights? Hey Rosco, do you not have a jacket with reflector stripes? Brown clothing in the dark of night really does not stand out. Rosco yelling stop with all of our windows up and the wind blowing like it was does not do a whole lot. Next time Rosco, turn on your emergency lights like you are supposed to.

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