Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pakistan All Riled Up

The President of Pakistan has declared an emergency and essentially is clamping down on opposition peaceful or otherwise.

A commentator at Boots and Sabers noted how this may be similar to the Shah episode in Iran. The Iran thing was all 'effed up from the start. Did we hold onto the Shah too long or not long enough? The rise of radical Shiaism in Iran led to the rise of the radical Sunni schools of thought and we suffer from both of those today.

Do we cut our support from Musharaff? Who then? Can Benazir put the nation back together and set it in a way that benefits the world? How about Nawaz Sharif? Nawaz from Saudi Arabia is encouraging Pakistanis to rise against Musharaff (Nawaz was in power when Pervez launched the coup).

Pervez is not going to last another year in power. The radical Islamists do not like him and the liberal (relatively so) sectors of Pakistani politics are now set against him.