Friday, December 14, 2007

I've Seen the Needle and the Damage Done

Baseball is damaged goods.

What to do. A buddy and myself were talking about it tonight at Third Base in Greenville. The Mitchell Report reportedly suggests to take a fresh start with the problem. That is forgive the drug transgressions occurring in the past and move on with a tough and enforceable policy.

My buddy suggests one addition. No hall of fame if your name is in the report or are caught using. One performance enhancement is primarily about the money, and secondarily about the history. Of course a player wants in the hall of fame, but the primary concern is to get set up in the hear, now, and foreseeable future. The hall of fame is primarily for one's children, grand-children, great-grand-children....

I am okay with either, as long as baseball and the player's union recognize the situation and understand it does society no good to have these guys taking the cheap way to success.

Are the Brewers able to cancel their contract with Eric Gagne? Also, this explains Derrick Turnbow.

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