Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Looking for the Hordes of Non-Smokers

One of the points many in the ban smoking movement use to try to convince bar owners and operators is the number of people patronizing bars will increase after the ban. However, most of the stories I hear about is how bar patronage drops after smoking bans go into affect.

Don't buy the occasional hidden camera story showing a post-ban full packed bar. It is one bar and most likely the time and location are chosen for the full bar. Plus the hidden cameras most likely has a wide-angle lens exaggerating that which is close and over-minimizing that which is far. So our budding Geraldo is not in a full bar but next to the crowd watching Chad do an incredibly crazy thing and the rest of the bar is empty. Video evidence such as this is extremely subject to manipulation. Bars letting workers go due to the reduced business is much more convincing.

Now, one thing I think it very worth emphasizing is how at least one bar in Appleton swears that even if people manage to repeal the smoking ban they will still NOT allow smoking in their bar. Hallelujah brother and I will fight just the same any requirement forcing you to allow smoking in your tavern!

I tip my hat to Owen at Boots and Sabers for the photo.

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