Friday, March 07, 2008

My Thoughts on Brett's Retirement

You know it had to happen, you just did not think it would happen now and are shocked when it does happen.

One thing I feel for certain. Coach McCarthy & GM Thompson may not have been pushing Brett out the door, but from day one you could tell they were not going to bend over backwards to keep him around. I can understand this, after all they knew Brett was at the end of his QB career and to tie the future of the Packers to Brett would not be a good idea.

I do believe the talk about Moss. In hindsight I wish Randy would have come to town I believe Vince's legacy would have returned to Green Bay had the Packers had Randy Moss. No one believed Andre Rison was a model citizen or was going to be a Packer for more than one season, but his coming to Green Bay was critical to the Packer's getting to and winning Super Bowl XXXI. It would have been a lot better way to leave with Brett hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy than the way it ended.

Thanks Brett!

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