Monday, March 10, 2008

Shame on the New York Philharmonic!

I am somewhat disgusted by the New York Philharmonic's performance in North Korea.

They lent credence and credibility to a despotic government, not only a despotic government, but one that can not create an environment conducive enough to economic activity so the people there can eat. Yeah, I saw the reporting of the New York Philharmonic members being feted by the North Korean government, it did not look like they were eating grass.

I am all for cultural exchange and trying to come to mutual understandings, but until North Korea is able to put first things first we should not be helping the North Korean tyranny paper over the horrible life of the average North Korean.

The irony is one of the performers is the granddaughter of North Korean escapees. Pray tell Ms. Kim, why did your grandparents flee?

I wrote this post sometime ago, but it was suspended in edit mode. I publish now.

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