Thursday, October 23, 2008

Penny's Out of State Donors

I just googled all of Penny Bernard Schaber's out of state donors.

Before I talk about that let me discuss how I view donors and donees. I do not see donors as bribing a candidate, as expecting a definite quid-pro-quo. For example one of my favorite causes is gun-rights, if Sarah Brady ran for office would you expect the NRA-ILA to contribute to her campaign? Of course not, they would most likely contribute to her opponent. Why? They want candidates friendly to their cause to win so they are going to support the friendly candidate. However, a bribe is to pay someone to get them to perform an action they would not otherwise commit. E.g. pay the cop to to be two hours late one night. Similarly I do not believe Penny's numerous and wealthy out-of-state contributors are paying her to try to get her to do something she normally would not do, no, I believe they send her money because they KNOW she will do what they want them to do.

By my count of the data Penny's campaign submitted, there are 39 out of state contributors, many of the 39 are serial campaign contributors and many contribute to candidates far & wide across the nation. Of those 39, I found seven that Google can demonstrate support one issue and my guess is most others in the out-of-state donors are also connected by that issue.

I will not come out and state what that issue is, at least not now, I have to think how I am going to approach the issue's outing. One thing I will say, get away from Lawrence University and my guess is the issue is quite out of favor in Appleton, especially with Union Democrats. Also, I would not be surprised to find a large number of Penny's out of Fox-Valley contributors to also support this cause.