Friday, December 12, 2008

A Guest Commentary

This guest commentary is written by Chester Roderick Umudgeon.

Greetings to you all conservative and otherwise. There has been an awful trend of late, non-conservatives are infecting the conservative movement. I do not know when it exactly started, but I suspect it was back in the 60s or so with that darned National Review and that all too urbane William F. Buckley Jr. Geeze, the RINO stampede was on after that, let me tell you. The list is non-stop RINOS such as Goldwater and Reagen, they were not conservatives — but closet leftists. I bet they read The Nation before turning out the lights.

Its about time we kick out the RINOs from the party and the movement, if they do not agree with everyone of my positions they are nothing but no-good and need to be run out of town. I do not care how the American Conservative Union rates them, the ACU is nothing but a hotbed of RINOism too.