Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Green Footballs

I used to regularly read Little Green Footballs. Rarely would I read anything earth-shattering and I don't believe Charles Johnson to be the brightest bulb in the blogosphere (brilliant programmer though) but it was always enjoyable to read. His large following made for interesting commentary but has long since become "so busy, no one goes there anymore". I have seen intelligent comments and outright stupid ones (I guess some were intentionally stupid others just stupid).

I do not read LGF all that much anymore. You see, Charles has drifted from War on Terror commentary to battling creationism and intelligent design. Now, there are many good arguments to make against the two ideas, I have never felt very strongly one way or the other on this debate and one could say I straddle the fence. I believe the general notion of evolution to be very convincing and don't understand why some people insist evolution is not in God's toolbox.

Now that I think about it, LGF was never all that much cutting edge as far as commentary goes. I will keep it in my blogroll and I will pop in from time to time, but I don't expect much from it anymore. Perhaps I'll keep my eyes on it for his technical notes.

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