Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Got Whacked Yesterday

Not a huge surprise. Still, it is a time full of FUD even more so than the time leading up to this.

As you know I am a conservative and have never relished counseling or talking to those recently laid off or such, it is not easy to tell a person to buck up and be positive. I like to think I am more positive than others in this position.

The last time my company went through this it was after the post-Y2K bubble and that was a bubble in my industry where there was a lot of investment going in computers leading up to the trouble. Fortunately, the bubble this time occurs in another industry and I am noticing more direct hiring activity in my business. So I am not too worried, I figure we have a two-three months before we are in deep doo-doo.

I survived a previous lay off, but this time no. I was working up until last October and came off of assignment and figured since my company stuck with me despite some long bench stints things would be the same. Problem is, the last time I missed lay off by a week or two and our bench grew to be quite large, too large.