Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Phone Interview

Today, the interview went well, but I am an optimist, so discount something from that. It was with an HR-Droid from Livonia MI on behalf of a smaller (and local) partnering firm. She asked a large number of detailed tech questions, I did well on them but one. When asked about the three pillars of OOP I immediately noted there were 3 and could only name two (forgot inheritance). However, my Java CBTs came in very handy and I was able to answer the questions to her satisfaction (HR-Droid though she is) on sockets, threads, and the like.

Plus I started to go crazy with my LinkedIn network and drilled some of them for names I can address additional packets to. I submitted my official applications but will also mail in separate applications to those names.

I have seen people refuse to work their networks and connections, what a shame. They told me they want to earn the position. I say BS on that, for the simple reason that a clever used car salesman who knows nothing but can sell themselves will beat out sincere talent in an interview. Know your stuff and be honest, but find and seize the angle that no one else can!