Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Am Twittercus! NO! I'M TWITTERCUS

The events in Iran are testing the usefulness of the Internet application Twitter. The opposition in Iran is using Twitter to communicate with the world.

What is happening is those around the world in supporting the Iranian opposition are changing their settings so their location & timezone appear to be that of Tehran Iran. What this means is Iranian security agents have a whole lot of noise they need to filter in finding legitimate Iranians posting events to Twitter.

Boing-Boing publishes a set of guidelines for those of us hoping to support the Iranian opposition using Twitter. Common sense stuff, but it all needs mentioning.

Now how about the wisdom of shouting "I AM TWITTERCUS?".

Word of the events from Iran needs to get out, to show the nature of the regime in Iran. However, the opposition candidate Mousavi is part and parcel of the current Iranian regime. His victory over or loss to Ahmednuttyjihad is not significant. However, in the chaos the current Iranian regime could come crashing down. Robert Fisk is on the streets of Tehran and opines this unrest is not at all aimed at the revolution or Islamic rule and my notion that Mousavi is no reformer plays into Fisk's notion.

Wretchard at the Belmont Club made the following point:
I hate to interpolate my own experiences into current events because the parallels are inexact, but back in 1986, when Marcos’ Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile rebelled against the dictator, a million people rushed out to build a human wall around a man who only weeks before, was their arch-enemy. That was the EDSA Revolution. In the strange calculus of conflict, the enemy of the enemy is my friend. Yet the fundamentals remain. Enrile was no democrat and he was soon marginalized because most people understood that opportunism, not principle, led him to turn away from his dark master. He was forgiven his trespasses, but never trusted.
Source: The Belmont Club — Follow The Money
That is, even though Mousavi is a player of significance in the drama we are watching he does not have control over hte situation.

In the end, the Islamic Revolution in Iran may not be entirely repudiated but I have a hard time it is going to survive in its current form.