Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Al Franken being put up as a principled finder of fact on The Corner! Jerry Taylor, holds up Al Franken's works on Rush Limbaugh as proof that Rush is on the whole bad for the conservative movement.
Regarding my claim that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity often use “dodgy evidence“ to back their claims, I can only plead that on the rare occasions that I’ve listened, this is exactly what I have found. Sure, maybe I just happen to listen in when they go off the rails . . . but I doubt it. Regardless, if you want chapter and verse on that score, you can’t do better than Al Franken’s two books on this subject (Lying Liars and Rush Limbaugh). Now, I know that this will double my hate mail, but the fact is that Mr. Senator-Elect is often spot-on regarding the facts when he goes after these guys.
Source: The Corner — Jerry Taylor (Re: Conservative Talk Radio in the Dock)
I am sure any left leaning readers will agree with this, but I find it breathtaking.

Rush, I find is not always right and sometimes he is unable to get to the bottom of a caller's confusion. I recall one caller who thought she was getting taxed on her stimulus payout. Rush did not understand what she was looking at but then again nothing much came of that call either.

Fortunately we have a quick follow up from Mark Steyn:
Simply in market terms, there are many takers for full-throated non-apologetic conservatism, and they don't hear that from Colin Powell, Meghan McCain, Lincoln Chafee, or other "reformers." Our pal John O’Sullivan suggests that anybody proposing to cut loose this or that faction ought first to demonstrate that doing so will attract an equal number of people plus one. It’s not clear to me, by that measure, what Jerry Taylor brings to the table.
The Corner — Mark Steyn (Re: Conservative Talk Radio in the Dock)

I listen to Rush on a frequent basis, unless there is some important sports thing going on (then I listen to Jim Rome) or a guest host (Mark Steyn excepted) is running the show I listen to Rush. I feel more energized and passionate about my politics and world after listening to Rush. I take that passion and I share it with those who may or may NOT listen to Rush.

Who the hell is Jerry Taylor?