Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Report This Blog

Immediately to the Whitehouse. I oppose the government's take over of the health care industry and know it will lead to a complete takeover.

One of the many things I am waiting for is to join a group of people in supporting the military's health claim system, I hope something else comes in, but that one will do. One of the things the recruiter I am working with told us in early June after the contracts were to be awarded is the government makes the rules. The government finally got around to awarding the contracts a couple of weeks later.

Now, President Obama is saying now (in the past he has been very clear about his desire for the Federal Govt to take over healthcare) is that the Federal Government would be but one choice among private companies. However, the problem is then the umpire is playing. The person responsible for calling balls and strikes is also at the plate batting. Needless to say, all pitches would be balls.

That said, the Whitehouse is pushing back against the swell in opposition to its desire to gobble up a major portion of our national economy. They charge the crowds as being "astroturf" as being organized by the insurance companies and other major opponents of this initiative. Yeah, so what? President Obama is fond of calling himself a "community organizer" or at least that is how his background is euphemistically described. The point of politics is to organize those who side with you to act as one. You know the old saying E pluribus unum out of many, one — united we stand divided we fall.

Congressman Kagen was in for an earful yesterday and today from opponents of the plan. Good, let him hear more of that and make sure the follow up when he votes per Mistress Nancy's instructions is him returning to his practice, which I hope will still be safely private.