Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The blogout.


I apologize for not giving my detailed take on the President's inauguration speech. But this is not why I am blogging now.

I am blogging now to relate the past days going back to Friday. As some of you may know Marcus is not just an Outagamie County Republican but Marcus is also co-founder of an organization called NEW Bayanihan.

NEW Bayanihan's driving goal is to establish a charitable foundation based to donate to charities in our area and in the Philippines and in general to be helpful. Well we were just involved with some real top notch folks to help a friend in distress. She was stricken with lymphoma about one year ago and despite her insurance has acquired substantial debt.

Last Saturday Jan 22 we put on a dance to raise cash for Ruby. The event was a smashing success and while the dollars are still being counted we generated around $6,000 for Ruby.

Anyway longtime readers (are there any?) may recall this blog, well Augustus and Adria returned for the Boogie for Ruby event and it all worked out perfectly since Augustus had business meetings in Green Bay, so Claudia and I hosted Augustus and Adria at our house. Since they were living out of the "office/guest room" I had less time for blogging (and reading them). Plus I have been doing tons of programming and image processing for the follow up to "Boogie for Ruby".

When I was growing up when friends and I would part ways we would often swear up and down how we would be friends for life despite the distance. Claudia and I have found a couple I think the distance will not separate.

Anyway the project now is revamping the NEW Bayanihan website so gotta run!