Friday, January 28, 2005

The latest smear against the WOT.

Gitmo again is at the center of a "torture" controversy. You may have heard how women interrogators were acting in a sexually provacative manner towards interrogatees. Wearing miniskirts & thongs, rubbing up against them, smearing fake menstrual blook on the interrogatees etc.

The left is now getting themselves worked up over this. One thing abou the Left, they certainly can maintain a remarkable state of "work-upedness" that most reasonable people would be unable to sustain.

Anyway they are claiming this to be torture. This is like saying a family of four with three cars, five TVs, a house, AC, and health insurance is poor because they can not send Little Johnny to Harvard. It is simply not torture it is turning the interrogattee's culture on him.

Another example of this I saw on The History Channel (can recall no specifics). The setting was the war in Vietnam and our forces captured an important regional VC leader. The VC guy was being tough and was not cracking so our guys brought in a man much younger than VC to do the interrogation. This hit the man in his culture because it was insulting for him having to deal with a man much younger than himself. The interrogator than took to talking the VC about the VC's father who VC finked out and was subsequently killed by the VC again hitting him in his culture. Our forces used the interrogatee's culture to break his resistance to the interrogation. Was that torture? Hardly.

The same thing is going on at Gitmo with the sexual oriented interrogation. Clearly these guys have something against women having independence and here they sit bound but in control of a woman they do not know. Not only that, but they are being touched by the interrogators. I have seen Muslim men refuse to shake a woman's hand.

The interrogatees at Gitmo are being hit in their culture and I say let 'em get it.

I keep coming back to this but is the only form of interrogation acceptable to the Left is the comfy chair with coffee being served at 3:00 pm?