Monday, February 21, 2005

The Manitowoc Connection.

Kevin over at Lakeshore Laments states:
Yes, other WI bloggers, I was aware of it. And no, the Manitowoc Herald Times-Reporter has not done a story on it according to Google News.

One of my sources tells me:
Yeah - I knew about it/. There was an article about them in the paper a
long time ago. saying how one lived in China running a business and the
other one was here. he was a big shot at the manitowoc co. there was a big
article in the paper again when they were arrested

So the story is being reported but only very locally.

Michell Malkin states this about Google News:
Why is Democratic Underground a Google News source, but not LGF? Why is a blog that recycles gossip and drinking games a Google News source, but not this blog?

The story is alive at least in Manitowoc. I do not know why I do not see more of this story in The Green Bay Press Gazette & in the Appleton Post Crescent, one would think this front page news in every newspaper in the region. Oh well.

So just because it isn't in Google News does not mean it is not news.