Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My 3rd OCRP Lincoln Day Dinner.

Was outstanding! The best I have attended so far!

Former Governor Tommy Thompson was the featured speaker and he did a very good job. Governor Thompson's speech was excellent! I asked him if he could forward me the text of his speech so I could post & comment and he pointed at his head and very graciously handed me his notes!

Thank You Tommy!

I have been critical of Tommy in the past but his speech very much hit upon my favorite themes of volunteerism, community service, and helping those in need. More on that later!

Mark Green introduced the governor and his talk was good as well. Also in attendance were Michael Ellis, Scott Walker, Paul Bucher, and (apologies, I will get the name later) the other candidate for AG.

Our assembly members were unable to attend because they were in Madison debating and voting on voter id.

It is late and I can not sleep, tonight gave me much to think about!