Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Charlie Rangel: Denial of the Enemy.

Little Green Footballs has Charlie Rangel denying the nature of the enemy.

For the life of me I wonder if Charlie Rangel has ever seen, read, or heard any of the Bin Laden statements. Sorry Charile, you are wrong wrong wrong and dangerously so. Bin Laden and many of his supporters (both within Al-Qaeda and on the outside) are working to the establishment of an international caliphate. I recall watching an interview with some spokesman or leader of Al-Mahujaroon a jihadist organization based in the United Kingdom. In it this fellow talked about a prophecy found in the The Holy Qur'ran about muslims in the Whitehouse. He did not think this was because it was a braindead prophecy because most all the villas in the Mideast are white (duuuhhhh, cooler) but instead he took it to mean 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Charlie says we did not call Hitler & his minions Christian terrorists. Well for one Hitler despised Christianity for its "blessed are the meek" philosophy. Hitler did not come out and state it was the duty of all Christians to kill jews.

I don't know who coined the term but "The bloody fringes of Islam" are very real.