Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The History of Marcus Aurelius.

At Lakeshore Laments Kevin gets all worked up about Roundabouts. Over at The Corner (on honor killings) KJL links to a Victor Davis Hanson (hereafter referred to as VDH) piece on Middle Eastern honor killings. There is a connection between these two seemingly different stories.

From 1992 to 1998 I lived and worked in the United Arab Emirates. In 1990 I graduated from UW-Platteville with a bs degree in Mathematics and a minor in Physics. The economy at the time was less than booming and I was focused on beer drinking in college and in between keggers I thought about grad school so I was not in the best of positions to get a job in a tight economy. Well I worked some jobs for a couple of years to pay the bills and feed myself down in the Platteville area and eventually that ran out. So I returned to the lakeshore area and went to work for North East Wisconsin Technologies a Unix VAR in Manitowoc as an outside sales guy. I had to give it up since I was not making sales and not getting commissions and hence not earning and went to work in June of '92 for a buddy up in Green Bay distributing and servicing Kolbe & Kolbe Windows.

Well in January of '92 I found an job posting in the Milwaukee Journal for a mathematics teaching position at the United Arab Emirates University. The requirements were a master's degree & three years of teaching experience. I had neither but told myself I will let them be the judges of that. Well as you see above that seemingly came to nothing but late July of '92 I received a phone call from them. I went to Rosholdt WI for the interview and a week later I was running around getting ready to travel.

To be continued....