Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Corner Comment on Honor Killings.

Kathryn Jean Lopez notes a story about honor killings in Saudia Arabia.

Here is my closest experience with honor killings.

A former colleague (who is still in the Mid East) tells me this story:

One of his students was very lively, very outgoing. She would lead the students in song and dance before class, once he told me he walked into the classroom and she was up on a desk using it as a stage. One day she stopped coming to class.

No big deal, most students at the college level miss a day or two but it went on and on with no explanation. Finnally he asked the other girls what happened to so & so. They all got deathly quiet and he could tell something very serious was up. He thinks she was honor killed.

FYI, I was a colleague by the fact I too was teaching in the Middle East. I need to spend a few blogs describing my life in the Middle East. Life ranged from mind numbing boredom (at first) to "We are not in Kansas anymore Toto" modes. But not now.