Thursday, February 17, 2005

Not too far off.

Owen has put up a response to my RINO post over at Boots and Sabers.

From it, I see that our definitions do not differ too greatly. I think his is a touch more general and mine is a bit more specific as far as philosophy vs. stands on issues but in the end one's philosophys often direct them to stands on issue so in the end it all boils down to the same thing.

However, I still contend Senator Ellis is NOT one of those critters. I know in the past the State GOP has expressed exasperation with the Senator Ellis and he has raised conservative hackles by not only siding with Doyle in property tax freeze debate but by calling us kool-aid drinkers.

He uses the example of Mary Panzer as a RINO and while I know not all of her issues I know she was terrible on TABOR and that is what got her the boot, but until I am informed otherwise I take Owen's word that Mary is a RINO.

And no, I do not consider McCain a RINO either. In fact with two exceptions (campaign finance reform and gun control) he is pretty good. But when he is bad he is truly terrible.