Friday, February 04, 2005

Racism & Conservative Minoritys (nominees).

Recently over at The Corner there was a comment (and I do not recall when, where or by who but it seems a point Jonah would make) about how most of the opposition to Alberto Gonzales and Condeleeza Rice was not racist and Republican supporters should stop howling racism.

The point being just because Dems scream racism every time a leftist minority nominee is opposed does not make it right for Republicans to do the same thing. Agreed.

None the less there is quite a bit to be upset about. I do believe most of the opposition was principled but the means to fight the nominations were often not. Typically those who have to answer to the people kept the debate within bounds (silly boundries but it was principled silliness none the less). However, it is with more private & interest group opposition where things get dicier.

These private parties felt much less restrained and more of them crossed the line from principled debate into racism and sexism. Gary Trudeau is one, in his Doonesbury he has the W figure referring to Condeleeza Rice as "brown sugar". Ted Ralll's sickening cartoon featuring Condi is even worse. There is a huge double standard.

A Democrat nominates a minority, the Right oppose based on policy differences and the left cries racist. A Republican nominates a minority, the Left opposes with prominent Leftists using racist language and ho-hum.