Friday, February 04, 2005

Today's Barking Moonbats.

There are three barking moonbats in today's Appleton Post Crescent's letters to the editor section (not counting the calls). I will take them down.

Letter 1:

Another term of worry because of Bush


The attempted apotheosis of George the Unknowing occurred in the small hours of Jan. 20. His supporting choir, after strutting and fretting its hour upon the stage, has returned home, clutching its overpriced souvenirs, wondering if it was worth all the time and money spent on the event.

Is there a point?

Were the organizers of this inauguration completely unaware of their lack of values and priorities? A simple, dignified ceremony without all that high-powered security would have been more impressive to the people the world over. And of course there's the obvious eventual payback to all those corporate sponsors who will be expecting a dandy payback for their generous donations of some $40 million-plus.

Quite obviously a pre-9/11 mindset. The President is a target! Don't forget pretty much all of Congress was present, Supreme court justices were present pretty much all of the upper levels of our federal government.

Then the old canard about "corporate sponsors". The left more than anyone is responsible for the rise of corporatism. A company now-a-days needs so much expertise that unless it is big it can not afford to pay all of the experts it needs.

Maybe I'm getting cynical in my old age, having reached the stage where I can be called an "old coot," with as many years as a piano has keys. Without going into needless detail, the next four years under George the Unknowing worry me. We are assured, however, that he and his band will assuredly make us well again. Yeah, right!

The legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin comes to mind. Whatever happened to those happy, witless children? Do we now have a reverse Robin Hood, with loot flowing from the poor to the rich? Doesn't the reign of our unholy trinity - Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld - give you the willies? Talk about shock and awe.

Robin Hood is one of the most misunderstood stories in our culture. Robin Hood stole from tax collectors.

At my age, there's a good chance of not being among those present to see the end of Bush's term. But let me tell you, I get the inside sweats when I think about the legacy our succeeding generations will have thrust upon them.

I do hope I'm wrong, but just in case, I plead: "God help us, one and all."

Leo Driessen,

Despite Leo's age it all sounds like baby-ish whining and crying.

Onto the next one:

How does President Bush define Christian values?

The president wears his religious convictions on his sleeve and supporters are smug about their moral values being attended to by this administration. Granted, it has been a long time since I attended my parochial grade school and Catholic college but, gosh, did I miss something here?

The old hocus-pocus. Never mind the left is trying to banish religion from society......

Is it a Christian value to go to war? Not according to the Pope or to the clergy of numerous denominations whom the president ignored when they spoke out against the war.

Is it Christian to ignore the repression and suffering of an entire people?

Is it a Christian value to accept tens of millions of dollars in donations to throw big inaugural parties? I salivate over the innovative programs school districts could provide to our children with a fraction of that money.

Private money private money. Remember Jesus rebuked the disciples when they noted the money used to buy expensive oils & perfumes could have been used to feed the poor.

Is it a Christian value to pass laws that make corporations richer while non-profit organizations struggle to feed hungry people, find them a warm bed at night and teach them adequate job skills?

Corporations supply jobs to people and make contributions (both the corporations & employees) to the non-profits. How many corporations in Africa? How many non-profits in Africa?

Is it a Christian value to allow utility companies to pollute our air and water, at the expense of children with asthma, women with traces of flame retardant in their breast milk and populations of fish that can't be eaten because they're laced with mercury?

Pollution is on the wane in the USA, hysterical rants like this do not change the fact.

Is it a Christian value to practice intolerance of people because of whom they choose to love?

Telling people they can not marry is intolerance? What are you talking about.

Is it moral for a bunch of wealthy men in Washington to decide the fate of Social Security, a program that they'll never need, thanks to the "generosity" of taxpayers who will be paying their obscenely high pensions?

Social Security is in a bad way. It needs fixing and right now!

Is it moral to insist this country is a Christian one when millions of its citizens are not?

Huh? America is a Christian nation. Just because some people in Saudia Arabia are not Islamic does that then mean Saudia is not Islamic?

If that's your idea of Christianity, Mr. Bush, count me out. You insult the religious traditions of my parents and grandparents, and you alienate U.S. citizens who are kind, generous, moral people who just happen to be Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or atheist.

Mary Swifka,
New London

Mary Swifka, you are an ignorant barking moonbat.

I will continue in another post.