Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Did I miss it?

Or did am 1150 WHBY mention the results of the investigation into the John Maloney case? You recall John Maloney was the arson investigator convicted of strangling his estranged wife and trying to burn the house down. Brown County brought Joe Paulus up as a special prosecutor and Joe won the case and John is now serving (my guess) life in prison for the crime.

There is quite an organization behind Mr. Maloney trying to spring him from prison and the conviction of Joe Paulus on federal corruption charges gave them an angle. In fact it appears the people behind Mr. Maloney were the prime movers and shakers into the federal charges against Paulus (not trying to explain away Joe's repugnant behavior, he did plead).

Jeanne Anthony of am 1150 WHBY is an advocate of John Maloney. Since I usually listen to WHBY on the morning drive to take Claudia to work I expected to hear about the report released on February 28th. However, I do not recall hearing about it. This could be because I may have been listening to WTAQ (whose Bill LeMay (no longer with WTAQ) was a Maloney supporter) or wasn't paying attention. But it seems like it did not get the airtime it should have.

BTW the report released went against the desires of Maloney's supporters and WBAY has a summary of the report.

So is Jeanne covering up bad news or did I just miss it?