Monday, March 07, 2005

The Last Bit.

Yes, The Last bit is coming somewhat early tonight. I was up early and worked out and did not get too much sleep last night. See my post about healthy choices and I am making one tonight.

Anyway had a great weekend. Went to bed relatively early on Friday after making dinner (a tuna noodle casserole) for that night and the following night (a spaghetti sauce). We woke up on SA and took our time and we were on the hill at about 10:45. What a glorious day it was! It was warm enough that I was able to wear my sunglasses and a baseball cap (instead of goggles and my stocking hat). The snow was good, wasn't extremely fast but it was firm and I could get a good edge in. Skied for some time and had a chilli dog and that pitcher of beer with Barnubus. Apres ski we sat in the bear lodge and had a couple of beers outside.

Went back to the cabin and our buddy was there, Claudia and I went to mass and returned home. We ate (Barnubus and our buddy went to Phelps for dinner) and then we just sat around gabbing. We got up and went to visit the neighbors and we returned and crashed for the night.

Sunday at the hill was a little later and the hill was in definite spring shape. The weather was much warmer and the snow was soft. It wasn't bad but you had to be balanced on your skis because when you would ski into a pile of soft snow it would grab your skis and lurch you foward. I used to ski in a forward position and such conditions would have put me face down in the snow. Our buddy was on skates and Barnubus gave 'em a whirl and did not like them, he said no stability.

I quit at about 3:00 and joined Claudia and Barnubus and our buddy hung it up pretty much at four. The trip home was uneventful.

The picture of Barnubus is in front of pushed up pile of snow but that pile is very representative of the whole edge of the area that is plowed. Down in front of the cabin the snow is about 3' deep (flat even surface). When we arrived it was full on winter but when we left it was extremely spring-like.

I have two more Brule tickets to use up, so come on winter, hang in there for just a bit more!