Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Last Bit.

Is a photo blog!

A Tranquil Spot in the Filpines

I know I have been relating much doom and gloom about the Filipines of late. However, this photo is anything but doom and gloom from the Filipines. This was a nice creek where some friends and I hung out on a nice afternoon. We barbecued and had San Miguel Beers (SMBs). My friends invited me to share their meal and told me it was chicken heads. I thought they were playing with me, they were not! I passed!

The sign says "Danger, Rolling Stones" I took another picture with the focus of the shot being the sign but I will have to locate the slide and get it scanned.

The water was just right as was the air temp. It was a nice day.

Good Night & may God Bless You!