Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Left and their hatred.

Is pushing them into openly hoping for failure of the Democratic revelution we are seeing in the Middle East.

Rich Lowry at National Review points at an example or two. Nancy Sodeberg a Democratic foreign policy go-to-girl was on Jon Stewart and Lowry describes her appearance:
The Democratic foreign-policy expert who was Stewart's guest that night, Nancy Soderberg, tried to comfort him, pointing out that the budding democratic revolution in the Middle East still might fail: "There's always hope that this might not work." There is historical precedent for that, of course. Liberal revolutions failed in Europe in 1848 and Eastern Europe in 1968. What is an entirely new phenomenon is liberals calling such reverses for human freedom - half-jokingly or not - occasions for "hope."

Soderberg added: "There's still Iran and North Korea, don't forget. There's hope." The way Bogart and Bergman "will always have Paris," liberals now tell themselves they "will always have Iran and North Korea." No matter the good news anywhere else, these nuke-hungry rogue states will provide grounds for bad-mouthing Bush foreign policy. But these two intractable problems won't seriously detract from Bush's world-changing accomplishment should he succeed in transforming the Middle East.

Of course it isn't universal as there are those on the Left who are begining to come around to the view that the President is right on all of this.

Truly if the President ran away from a cliff, a goodly portion of the left would plunge over it like so many lemmings.