Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mary Eileen is Getting a lot of Serious Guff!

As is evidenced by this comment.

There are times when the law is wrong you are absolutely correct on that point. However you are wrong on your points about Terri Shiavo [sic] and abortion.
Terri is being allowed to pass away like she wanted. Terri did not want life support. While you might disagree with that idea it is her right.
On abortion, you should not claim abortion is wrong when you know nothing about it. How dare you claim that a woman who is impregnated against her will i.e. rape, is a killer. how [sic] do you know what is going on in a person's life when they decide on something like abortion. Do not claim faith, the leaders of your faith who claim abortion is wrong are all male they know nothing of it. I despise your existance [sic] and your ignorance.[emphasis added]

Isn't this what brought on the death of six million innocents in Nazi Germany? This person (he goes by the name Matt) set up a blog called fighting the good fight. Black is now white and white black. Day is night and night is day. What a sad world ours has become. Now murder by starvation passes as mercy.

Matt offered his apologies to Mary Eileen for the comment.