Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Now for Something Completely Different.

I finally found something else to comment on! Thank God for that!

The Appleton Post Crescent in its editorial heaps it on Donald Rumsfeld telling him not to blame Turkey for the lack of Pentagon planning in the Iraq post Saddam era.

See the editorial here: Editorial: Turkey is Rumsfeld’s scapegoat for bad planning

The turkey quote is: But perhaps a bigger reason is that Rumsfeld and his staff underestimated the insurgency and had no particular plan on how to secure a post-invasion Iraq. Well the plan that was on the boards became obsolete by Turkey's decision to not allow the Fourth ID enter Iraq via Turkey.

I can not believe this. Even in plans for a high school dance do not go off without snags, how much more here. The left sits around believing our soldiers went into Baghdad, toppled the Saddam statue and then sat around wondering what to do next.

Nothing more than "are we there yet" whining.