Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Story Keeps Changing.

I grow tired of it. The story coming out of Italy from the "Red Reporter" Sgrena changes yet again. Now, I believe some of this is due to difficulties of translating exactly from one language to another but in my opinion the bulk of it is backpedaling from the initial story to a more accurate rendition of the what happened.

General Patton always took initial reports with some grains of salt, especially those stories that originate during the nighttime. Note though the story of one side keeps changing the story of the other side remains constant.

Michelle Malkin notes a comment from Sgrena saying she never accused the soldiers at the checkpoint of wanting to kill her but a comment I see out there attributed to Sgrena certainly implies it.

I tell you their story keeps changing.

See the blog powerhouses for comment. Notably Michelle Malkin's blog.