Tuesday, March 08, 2005

BP before and after.

Exercise is important! Good health and fitness are important no matter what you do.

Marcus and Claudia took their BP prior to their Y visit tonight. Claudia is certified nursing assistant with many years of over seas nursing experience prior to her coming here. She measured my pre-workout BP (with real equipment not the machines you can buy) at 140/80 which is high.

My post workout BP was just measured at 120/70. With more exercise and more health conscious choices I expect my BP to lower overall. I am not going to take water pills at my age!

You too can make such choices.

I remember seeing clips from a motivational video for salesmen. It starred Vince Lombardi and he stressed the importance of being physically fit in the video. Some may wonder what physical fitness has to do with salesmanship. It is important no matter what you do.

When I am physically fit I am more ambitious, organized, need less sleep, and just generally feel better. When in shape I wake up at 6:00 am (provided I get to bed at a decent hour) and am up and at 'em. When I am out of shape (for instance now) I seemingly can not get enough sleep.

The point is no matter what you do it is important to be as fit as you can. Make the choice, make it a priority!