Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Today's Eight-Ball Award Goes to. . .

Sorry for today's late start. Blogger was acting up early this morning and other matters had me busy the rest of the morning.

On to the Eight-Ball Award ceremony. Today's recipient displays and amazing amount of "black and white" thinking; he is unable to think in nuances, shades of gray. He is so utterly clueless he can not understand the difference between an axe-murderer who had years and years of appeals and a woman who had a heart attack and is being starved to death. He continues to show his mind-numbedness by failing to understand the differences between the removal of a murdering torturing tyrant to trying to starving a defenseless woman to death.

Yes Ron Smith of Waupaca you are today's winner of the "Eight-Ball of the Day" Award!

The winning entry:
REMEMBER TUCKER? I wonder if we would be having this Terri Schiavo battle if there’d been a $250,000 cap on medical malpractice, and if Medicare payments had been cut as Bush wishes to do. By the way, is quality of life even a consideration? Oh, yeah, I forgot, pro-life people want you in pain or out of your mind to the last dying breath. Let’s err on the side of life, except for war or the 152 cases of lethal injection in Bush’s Texas. Remember Carla Faye Tucker; she did plead for her life.

Ron Smith,


Congratulations Ron! You are today's winner of the Eight Ball Award!
Ron Smith you are a one big Eight Ball!
Ron's Award!