Friday, March 11, 2005

The UAW.

I have always tried to buy American vehicles; I tend to buy GM brands. My first car was a Ford, my second and only car while overseas is an exception it was a Honda, my third car was a Blazer, and our current car is a Impala. I have been looking at picking up a Yukon or a Suburban in the near future.

But that has all changed. Why is that? Michelle Malkin broke the story first (afaik) and Blackfive has a good follow up.

Here is what we all should do. Jump on over to Blackfive (link above, get the address there) and tell the UAW that foregin vehicles have now jumped on our lists of vehicles to consider for purchase. Tell them politely, tell them directly. Next time I drive through a dealer's lot I will be looking at foregin vehicles.

That action on the UAW's part is shameful! Do our Marines in Fallujah only defend those who voted for the President? Do they only defend those driving in American cars? No they defend every American and the UAW should recognize that.

Anyway I am logging off completely now as this is the second post-The Last Bit blog.