Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Using children.

The left being led by Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton are using children today to advance an agenda. Owen at Boots and Sabers picks up on it.

This is incredible and ghoulish. What they are pushing is:
March 5, 2005 (MADISON)-Children and families from across Wisconsin will come to Madison on March 9, 2005, to join in the first-in-the-nation "Kids Campaign for the Cure," a state educational lobbying event supporting stem cell research and other life saving medical research needed to find a cure.

Now, there is so much BS out there about stem cell research it is incredible. First I wish they would clarify which stem cell research they are talking about. There is plenty of stem cell researching going on, and plenty of applications. See for a real life story of medical treatment with ADULT stem cells.