Thursday, April 21, 2005

The ACLU is up in Arms Over This Border Crossing!

Michelle Malkin takes note the ACLU and some Dem legislator from Arizona are up in arms over a uncontrolled border crossing. No, they are not concerned about illegal aliens entering the nation they are concerned about Sean Hannity sticking his toes on Mexican territory and then pulling them back.

Sean was on the scene with the Minutemen and was shown a border fence that had a hole in it. He went through the hole and returned. The man he was interviewing stated the fence did not actually demarcate the last bit of American soil but was three feet from the actual border that is Sean did not actually step on Mexican territory!

Here is what Michelle says:
Hannity stepped across a fence for a few seconds, and now the ACLU and a Democrat state legislator want him prosecuted. If Hannity were a citizen of any other country besides America, the ACLU would be rushing to represent him pro bono as a persecuted "undocumented migrant."

Surprised they would bother, it takes them away from this.