Thursday, April 21, 2005

James Lileks States:

To those who want profound change, consider an outsider's perspective: the Catholic Church is the National Review of religion. You may live long enough to see it become the Weekly Standard. In your dreams it might become the New Republic. But it's never going to be the Nation. And if ever it does, it will have roughly the same subscriber base.

Yes, yes, easy for me to say, it's not my church. New age of oppression and intolerance, and all that. Write me when hot-eyed Jesuits walk into a mosque in Qom with ten pounds of Cemtex strapped to their chest. [emphasis added]
Source: Lileks(James)::The Bleat - Wednesday April 20, 2005

This is hilarious!

What did those wanting a "The Nation" pope expect? They didn't like PJPII and he had appointed all but 3 cardinals (of which two voted and one is now Pope Benedict XVI) and PJPII essentially did away with the 2/3rds rule (not entirely).

If you want a church that blesses gay-marriage, endorses abortion, has married priests, and woman priests go to another church. They do exist out there, in fact I recall a recent brouhaha where one church ordained an openly gay bishop.