Monday, April 11, 2005

Ang Bagong Mecca nasa Filipinas.

The title of this post is Filipino (Tagalog) for: The New Mecca in the Filipines.

The inspiring blog did not exist this morning on Michelle Malkin's website when I said I would comment on one of her blogs, I had other ones in mind (can not remember exactly which one this is) but this blog is troubling for many reasons.

Those who know the history of the terror war understand the Filipines is one of those locations that keeps coming up in the discussions. The Filipines has been battling an Islamic separatist movement for a long time now. The recent history of this movement shows signs of becoming the central stage in world-wide Islamic terrorism.

In 1995 the Filipino police busted up a plot by Islamic extremists to murder Pope John Paul II. In the resultant raids they found all sorts of good intelligence including plans that formed the basis of the 9/11 attacks aka aka Project Bojinka and all of this involved a certain certain Ramzi Yousef who was convicted for his involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was leading this effort (WTC-I). See this recap from the Manila Times.

Recently there have been events and stories which are pointing to greater ability of Islamic extremists in the Filipines to conduct operations and to expand. I have blogged on this matter and here is a list of those blogs
  1. Yet Another Terror Arrest in the Filipines

  2. Abu Sayyaf Growing in Strength

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  5. Michelle Malkin is Upset

Now not all of these blogs are specifically on problems related to Islamic extremism in the Filipines but if they are not directly related they are a contributing factor in way shape or form.

Her latest blog revolves around a comment by Joseph Mussomelli our number two man in the US embassy in Manila. The report Michelle carries states:
Joseph Mussomeli, the number-two official of the US embassy in Manila, urged its Southeast Asian ally to do more to stem the flow of Islamic militant recruits into Mindanao, which he alleged was becoming "the new 'Mecca' for terrorism."
These groups train in bomb-making in Mindanao and have actually conducted bombing campaigns in the country, he added.

Refer to the blogs I note above and find out how Abu Sayyaf works internationally (though locally for now) and that terrorists from other nations do work with Abu Sayyaf. I am sure the MNLF is also up to no good in this area as well.

I think Mindanao has the perfect brew of conditions for this to become a fact. Poverty, jungle, lawlessness, and corruption.

What started this blog by Michelle?
When I visited college campuses across the country on my last book tour, there would always be some smarty-pants liberal in the audience sputtering that I wouldn't support "racial profiling" (actually, it's threat profiling taking into account nationality/race/ethnicity/religion) if President Bush started profiling people from the Philippines.

When I pointed out that I didn't think Bush was doing nearly enough to scrutinize young, single, male Filipino Muslims entering the U.S. through the front door, the smarty-pants students would slink back their seats. Oh, well. Unable to play the hypocrisy card, they could always take comfort in attacking me as a "race traitor."
In fact a recent report indicates the Filipins is going to give extra scrutiny to OFWs returning from the Middle East!

The Jawa report states:
Go check out Michelle Malkin. She's right, you know. Expect the next wave of terrorist to be Filipinos, Pakistanis, or Thais.
GMA has to do more about stamping out corruption! I repeat a statement I have made, anyone in the Filipino government convicted of corruption involving more than 500,000 pesos (roughly $10,000) should get the long needle! Perhaps if anything the amount should be lowered.

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