Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Charlie Rangel is no Theologian!

This goes for Chris Matthews as well.

I am a little late on the ball with this one but so be it.

HT to too many people to credit but I am working from Michelle Malkin's blog.

MATTHEWS: I mean, Charlie, Jesus didn‘t hang around with the swells, the rich people.

RANGEL: Well, he said the rich are going straight to hell.

Both questions show a lack of understanding in the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.

Unfortunately it is a misbelief all too many fall for. In and of itself being wealthy is not sinful. If the wealth is obtained by sinful practice it is sinful (extortion, theft, prostitution, performing abortions etc), if the wealth is squandered on one's self it is sinful.

No, being wealthy is not in of itself sinful, but depends on how the wealth was obtained and how it is used. In fact the wealthy are in a better position to do good than the poor.

Jesus didn't hang out with swells? One of his buddies was Joseph of Aramathea, he was wealthy.

It is selfishness that Jesus talks about. Those who only look to their own self-satisfaction.

This reminds me when Jesse Jackson labeled the Holy Family as "homeless". Ha, he would not want it known they were traveling because the government wanted to do a census so it could better account for....taxes!

Charlie you owe one retraction or one citation.